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House of Tsukemen

Our story

Tsukemen is extremely popular in Japan but few know about it outside of Japan. The founders of Okiboru, who trained in Japan to master the Tsukemen craft, are on a mission to introduce this style of “dipping ramen” to a wider audience of eaters outside of Japan.

With Tsukemen, unlike its traditional ramen cousin, the noodles are served on the side separate from the broth, hence the name “dipping ramen”. Okiboru makes our own noodles on-site from scratch using our own unique recipe. As for the broth, it is painstakingly brewed over a period of time twice as long as the typical ramen broth until the consistency is perfect for dipping.

We are thrilled to bring Tsukemen to a wider audience of eaters and to innovate upon the traditional art to suit the diverse dietary needs of modern customers.” In addition to the traditional pork Chashu, we offer a side of grilled pork ribs which are marinated for hours and grilled to add the perfect amount of smoky flavor. Our chefs have also worked hard to create a delicious vegetarian broth which is available in both our Tsukemen and ramen dishes.